Guide to pre-funded payments for NGOs

February 6, 2018

With short-term pre-funded payments, you can ensure crucial funds get to your beneficiaries at the earliest possible value date.

Tait Capital can pre-fund payments for NGOs for up to 2 weeks and up to a value of £1m. This enables your organisation to react quickly to international natural disasters, humanitarian relief or increased project needs.

The facility is free to use, as part of our commitment to CSR, and Tait Capital only applies the standard spread to the associated transaction.

Increased payment efficiency

Pre-funded payments reduce latency, bypassing any delays in the banking system when transferring funds to Tait. When requested, the required funds are instantly processed and the payment is executed to your beneficiaries on the ground. In this way, utilising the facility also reduces the impact of payment cut-off times.

For maximum flexibility pre-funding can be applied to both spot transactions and drawdowns from forward contracts.

Safe and Secure Process

  • Two signatories must be appointed by the Board to authorise pre-funding

  • Dual signature/request required to access the facility

  • New beneficiaries must be added 72 hours prior to pre-funded payments

  • Beneficiaries will be contacted for payment of larger amounts

  • For added security, each use is signed off by our Head of Risk or Chief Risk Officer

Qualifying criteria

Tait takes a risk on each pre-funded payment so only NGOs with strong financials can be accepted for this facility. The approval process is streamlined and, once we have the required documentation, it can be set up for use in as little as 3 days.

For pre-funding of £0-500k, for up to 1 week, Tait would require:

  • £20m revenues / year

  • Net assets > 50% of annual spend

  • Cash reserves > 25% of annual spend

For pre-funding of £500k-1m, for up to 2 weeks, Tait would require:

  • £50m revenues / year

  • Net assets > 25% of annual spend

  • Cash reserves > 15% of annual spend



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