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February Update

Expansion: United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) We are excited to announce that our capabilities have expanded to the UAE, with our partner Ebury operating a Representative Office in the DIFC, Dubai. This gives the unique opportunity to serve one of the worlds most technologically advanced countries as they approach Expo 2020. Our service will help local businesses improve their margins along with giving Expats a cheap and efficient alternative to banks when making international payments.

Product Enchantment: Forward Hedging

Global FX Hedging contracts are now available for up to six years.

New Product: UK Government Start-Up Lending

United Kingdom We have partnered up with British Bank, owned by the UK Government, to offer loans covered by the Start-up Loan Scheme. This will allow new businesses to access unsecured lending of up to £25,000 at a fixed rate of 6% per year. For businesses that apply, we will help to build their business plan and refine the loan application to give applicants the best possible chance of being successful.



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