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Expertise to manage currency market volatility and protect your business

Ebury's currency risk management solutions allow you to effectively manage the inherent currency risks of trading internationally. No matter the size of your business, our expertise and currency forecasts will help support you in making decisions to protect margins and improve budget forecasting.


We get to know your business, trade flows and risk appetite to create a currency risk management strategy that’s right for you.


Hedging solutions allow you to manage currency risk in over 130 currencies and utilise forward contracts in the short, medium and long-term, from 3 days to 6 years.


Whether sending money to suppliers, paying invoices or receiving funds from subsidiaries or clients, your profit margins are protected from market volatility and you have a clear cash flow making budgeting easier.



Risk consultation: As a client of Tait Capital, you have access to a dedicated dealer who will work with you to understand your business and build a currency risk management strategy.

Market Insight: Ebury's market analyst team provides daily, weekly and specialist currency reports to support you in making informed decisions. Ebury is a top ten Bloomberg forecaster in a number of currency pairs, you can trust us to create an effective fx risk management strategy.

Forward Contracts: Ebury offer a range of forward contracts from fixed forwards to flexible window forwards to lock in your currency exchange rate for up to three years. You can also hedge your emerging market currency risk through our comprehensive range of non-deliverable forwards.

Online: View your current and past trades as well as initiating drawdown and payments from your forwards online, to quickly and easily control your account.

Market Orders: Working with your dealer, you can set the upper and lower limits on your currency exchange rates so you get the spot or forward contract at the rate you want. These are known as limit market and stop loss orders, and ensure you trade within the risk parameters you are happy with.

Payment: When you have set your strategy, you can manage your forwards and initiate payment using our innovative payment infrastructure, ensuring your payments are fast and secure.

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