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Online sellers


What borders? Recieve money from marketplaces quickly and cheaply

When importing or exporting it can be difficult to achieve a smooth and reliable cash flow.

That’s where Ebury comes in. Access our credit line with a repayment period of up to 150 days and pay and collect in any of our 140+ currencies.

With Ebury, you re in control of how you take home the revenues you make when you sell overseas. No hidden fees, and transparent and competitive FX rates, which only large corporates can access. You decide the timing.

You can directly pay international suppliers in more than 140 currencies from the balance of the money you collect. We ensure that you avoid duplicate FX commissions and payment fees.

With Ebury, you can access expert consultants and discover the best way to hedge your FX risk to manage your cash flow, in a way that is tailored to businesses like yours.

Stop being overcharged. Create your Tait Capital collection account for each one of the countries you are selling through online marketplaces and start receiving money quickly and easily. You can access your money at any time, convert it, repatriate it or pay international suppliers - all at competitive rates, with no fees.
You are now in control.
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